Communities USA

Missional Communities are being developed in the USA

Although the work in the United States is not seeing the growth of disciples being made like we are seeing in Kenya, India or Pakistan. We are very hopeful as we see God starting to stir the American church to find a more relational means of discipleship. Our hope is to see more disciple making teams rise up and focus on making disciple and form into missional communities. Or though we don't condemn or judge the body of Christ for the some choose to meet, it is clear that most traditional churches are not bearing the fruit of developing disciple making disciples.

We are seeing more of a desire among certain pockets of the country looking outside of the box, This has been a hopeful start as the Lord of the Harvest raises up laborers to go outside the traditional mindset to bring in A People For His Name.

Part of the local missions outreach we are working to develop it the Real life Stories book project initiated by Jim & Carla Barbarossa with Step-By-Step Ministries.