Kenya Communities

Missional Communities Kenya

The missions work has primarily been focused on disciple making and establishing New Testament styled missional communities along the coast of Kenya. The focus of the efforts have been penetrating the unreached tribes living there. The communities allow for a safe place for disciples to grow together in fullness of Christ in the midst of the hostility of Islam.

Why Communities For Kenya?

With Fifteen of the Twenty Seven unreached tribes of Kenya living in the Eastern and Coastal provinces of Kenya, there needed to be a new strategy to the gospel resistant people groups who dwell there.

It is not that the Good News has a problem with it or that the ground is so hard, its been an issue of delivery. Those of that have carried the Good News have been desperately challenged with delivery due to their inability to meet the coastal groups where they are at. With hundreds of years of siege and the impact of Islam and then mixed with a lot of misinformation regarding Christianity, these people groups have become closed to outsiders and anyone using the names Church or Jesus.

The coastal people have learned to survive in closed communities and with a poor representation the true message of the Kingdom in word or deed. Until the past three years there has been little to none in the way of real impact in reaching these nations for The Father of Lights.

In turn The Most High has imparted the vision of community rather than buildings to reach these groups in their cultural context. As a result, we have looked to the Book of Acts as our guide to raise up Spirit Filled communities. The disciples are learning together to let their Light shine in the darkness while living within the larger community. This along with helping the locals discover what the Injeel (Arabic for New Testament) says for themselves, the Good News is now gaining traction and souls are coming to Christ.

In fact its become clear that the harvest is truly ripe in the Eastern and Coastal provinces of Kenya and a reasonable number among local tribes are very interested in The Lord Jesus. Alternatively they're not interested in church buildings or the Western cultural version of Christianity associated with them, but many are willing to become involved in regular DBS - Discovery Bible Studies, meeting in a cultural setting of their own.