Discovery Bible Study

The focus of Discovery Bible Studies - DBS is to help those participating in the study to find the Truth for themselves and discover Jesus in the way the Holy Spirit reveals the Word to them as individuals and as well as a group.

What is a Discovery Bible Study?

A Discovery Bible Study is an interactive bible study held in a smaller group where all of the people involved are encouraged to participate and discover the Word for themselves. The study has a facilitator who is not to teach but rather to guide the group together to find what the Holy Spirit is saying to them.

We use an outline of spiritual exercises and have certain questions that the facilitator asks the group during the bible study. This is all designed to encourage the group to interact with The Most High God and each other, while helping them retain what they are learning through discovery and sharing.

Can the facilitator correct?

Yes, we like the facilitator to correct the group when necessary. But, again the correction is facilitated through discovery. The DBS facilitator is trained to either correct by asking the participants to re-read the scripture, ask a question or lead them to another verse of the bible that will help them to find the answer for themselves.

Why doesn't the facilitator teach?

While we fully believe in teaching and the gift of a teaching spoken of in the bible, and its preferable for the facilitator to be gifted towards teaching. We have found it is better to use the gift to guide them to discover rather than teach in a typical sense.

The purpose of Discovery

The vision is to multiply disciples and equip them to teach others to obey Jesus' teachings. This teaching comes best we believe by a living example and helping them to dig into the Word for themselves. Most Nations of the Earth are oral learners and very good at retelling stories. DBS is made to take advantage of that and multiply the gossipers of the gospel through story telling and discovery.

Who can participate?

We use Discovery Bible Studies for both those seeking Christ and those who have become disciples through faith in His Name. The great thing here is that through DBS many have come to saving faith in Jesus Christ and have joined Him in His mission to the Nations.

Where do you start?

We start with Genesis and over 14 weeks bring the participants to the death and resurrection of the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the World. Through this journey of discovery we build a platform of The Most High's promise to Abraham to bless the Nations of the Earth through his Seed and reconcile them to Himself.

What happens after that?

We have another 14 weeks of discovery on the command on Commands of Christ. Then that follows another 14 weeks in the book of Acts where the vision for the mission of the Church and ministry of reconciliation is discovered. During this 28 weeks if the person has become a disciple they are actively invited in participating in outreach and evangelism in dependence upon the Holy Spirit.

Also during this period they will be learning and encouraged to start facilitating DBS under oversight of a trained facilitator. Many times in this period new disciples have been successful in leading unbelievers into a journey of discovery and they are expected to care and facilitate that group while being overseen. Some have successfully taken full responsibility of that group by the end of the 28 week period and are being trained in further leadership skills.

What is the secret sauce of DBS?

There are three ingredients to the secret sauce so to speak. 

  1. Those participating in the Discovery Bible Study are taught from the beginning to remember the bible story of the week and learn to retell it and encouraged to share it with other in the following week, even unbelievers. This instills a habit of sharing stories from the start.
  2. From the beginning we are teaching the students to receive and trust in the Holy Spirit for revelation, rather than another human.
  3. The group is participating as a group from the start and having an opportunity to flow in the experience of receiving and sharing the revelation they received from the Word of God. This brings life into the learning and helps build a culture Ekklesia - a called out assembly who learn to love one another in the journey towards being formed together into the image of Christ.

This all helps to develop fruitful discipleship culture that's end is a vibrant local church that is on mission together among there own people.

Can I learn and facilitate a DBS?

Yes, and would be happy to assist in that if you feel you would like some help. The DBS is not hard to facilitate and can be easily held in small groups in virtually any place. The studies are being held in many Nations, some in houses, some under trees, traditional church building and like this picture below in Kenya, anywhere you can find shade.

Ladies Discovery Bible Study in the shade - Coastal Kenya

What does a Discovery Bible Study look like?

Here is outline for how a typical DBS is conducted. There will be a link for a PDF version for your own use at the bottom of the page.