Disciple Making

Making disciples into A People For His Name is our first priority. We believe this apostolic understanding keeps the Church moving forward in obedience to mission statement given by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-19.

Disciple Making is an intentional lifestyle response to our command from Jesus to go and make disciples of all nations. In movement with the Luke 10 process, this response moves His apostolic vision of multiplication to the forefront and empowers every disciple as disciple-makers.

“God taught me, through many failures, that I had to focus on making disciples of Christ, not followers of my church or denomination. He also taught me that I needed to teach these disciples to obey the commands of Jesus, not my church/denominational doctrines or traditions. This is what led to the breakthrough that resulted in more than eighty thousand churches among a people considered unreachable.” Kindle location 227

David Watson

Contagious Disciple Making