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About Us

Our Story

In July of 2012, Sean and Kim Reynolds were living in Sydney, Australia when God called them to Mombasa, Kenya. Over the next year they received much confirmation from the Lord, and in September of 2013, Sean made an exploratory trip to Mombasa with a side trip to Bangalore, India. The time in both countries was very fruitful, with some Divine connections being made in Kenya. They felt confident to step out in faith and move their family of 6 to Mombasa.

The Reynolds Family continued to wait on God's timing and provision, and in May of 2016 they arrived in Mombasa, where they lived for 2.5 years. Their time in Kenya was both challenging and rewarding, with many disciples made and lessons learned. In June of 2016, Kim's Mother was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The Holy Spirit showed them that it was time to return to the USA, and they have been living in Spokane, Washington since October of 2016. Kim's Mom is now in remission, and the whole family is so thankful for God's faithfulness.

Since 2014 the mission vision has expanded, and now includes Pakistan as well. Sean and Kim continue to oversee the work, with Sean visiting Kenya multiple times a year. They are looking forward to continuing to work with the Lord of the Harvest wherever He may send them.

Why "A People For His Name"?

After Sean had the opportunity to visit and minister in multiple countries in 2012, he studied the book of Acts and the Holy Spirit began to reveal His vision of "A People For His Name" from Acts 15: 14. God showed Sean that His overall purpose on the Earth was to gather a people from every tribe, tongue and nation to Himself and to raise them up to share His life with them. This vision wasn't an individualistic idea, of salvation, but rather a group of people that were called out from among the nations that He desired to dwell among. This group called "the Body" or "the Church" is a people who have learned to walk with Him and trust Him together in a unique way that brings Him pleasure and glorifies His Holy Name.

Although it may seem straightforward, the revelation was that this is something the Most High has been searching for and developing for thousands of years--first with Adam and Eve, then with Abraham to the birthing of the promise of Israel and now the Ekklesia (not the church building, but the people who make up the body of Christ).

The struggle in the revelation is that God has not yet seen His hope fully achieved in the New Covenant believers. He is still looking for people from all nations to represent Him on the Earth in a local context, so that all tribes, tongues and nations may have the opportunity to see a called-out people living for His Name among them.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work with The Lord Jesus, The Holy Spirit and the willing disciples to give Our Father what He wants--A People For His Name.

In the weight of this calling, we have adopted this name, not as a title for an organization, but rather as a banner of the reason we exist and who we are becoming for Him.

We invite you to join us in giving Our Father in Heaven the desire of His heart--A People For His Name.